Marine Environmental Education in São Paulo and Ubatuba


Our undergraduate students and members of the IO Junior Company completed two stages of the Project entitled Marine Environmental Education Project (EAMar) through the USP Dean's Undergraduate Program Learning in the Community.

The EAMar project brings aspects related to Oceanography to public schools located in São Paulo and on the coast in a playful and dynamic way, including curiosities and problems about the oceans. The aim is to bring the community closer to the different marine ecosystems, still little known and fragile, but extremely important for the health of the planet, with the protagonism of our undergraduate students.

In the first semester of 2019, 4 days of workshops were held at the school E.M.E.F.M Professor Derville Allegretti in São Paulo, and more recently our undergraduates have applied workshops at E.M. Maria da Cruz Barreto and E.E. Florentina Martins Sanchez Professora in Ubatuba, where IOUSP has one of the research bases.

We thank PRG and IOUSP for making this important project possible, and the schools, teachers and students for their trust and space to talk about the oceans!

 EAMAR_3.jpeg EAMAR_2.jpeg EAMAR_4.jpeg

Text: Profa. Dra. Camila Negrão Signori, IOUSP